on the way home.

*posted on a 7 hour delay, because life.

If you’re surprised to read that I’m writing this somewhere over Canada, well, me too.

My last week in Italy was a whirlwind of studying for finals, packing up my belongings, and marking everything with “this may be the last time I…”. And like every week abroad, seven days fly by impossibly fast.

It was equal parts stressful and relaxing, exciting and somber. I don’t feel like I left anything out; After nearly four months in the eternal city, I can confidently say I discovered enough to make it my own, and to find a home.

And that’s a pretty amazing thing, considering the change I made from coming back in January.

I saw the most famous architecture in the world, learned a beautiful language, and ate enough pizza and pasta for everyone reading this blog, and then their immediately family.

There’s a reason the Eat part of Eat, Pray, Love was set in Italy, you guys.

I’m so blessed to be able to look at this experience from a multitude of angles and I’m just now starting to grasp why I felt certain ways at certain times, what I’ve learned about the world and myself, and how I can apply this going forward.

Italy has touched my heart and I’ll miss it dearly, and still I could not be more excited to be coming home. Back to my family, friends, and a culture I appreciate an unimaginable amount more than before my time abroad. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There’s still so much more I want to say about my experience, and I am going to continue to write for a little while at home.

I know I won’t technically be abroaD anymore, but it’s blogging so there really aren’t any rules, right? Hope you’ll all keeping tagging along.

That being said, if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in hearing about, I’d love for you to drop me a line. Feel free to reach out to me through the comments section on this post, Facebook, iMessage, carrier pigeon… Thanks!

I don’t know where the time went, but I know it was time well spent. I am overwhelmed with love and gratefulness for my parents for providing me with this opportunity and encouraging me to pursue it. I can’t wait to hug you both and spend the next few weeks telling you so much more – over a home cooked meal.

So somewhere over Canada, this is my last post officially abroad. I can confidently say that I made it, and it made me. I’m excited to keep telling you all more about it and learn about what you’re interested in.

Ciao, for now.

3 thoughts on “on the way home.

  1. Oh, Danica! Thank you ever so much for sharing so much, so often and so beautifully with all of us! I’d say you’ve got a great future as a writer, among other things! Welcome back – so glad that you could make this marvelous trip!! Love, M

  2. Hi D:
    It might be fun to hear about the transition back into the US Midwest and how different home seems from what it was when you left. And how nice it feels to be flying in over the Cities.

    The wide roads, the stocked grocery stores, the huge cars, etc… Might be fun. Just a thought.


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