home comes to rome.


I now know how a new mom feels waiting for her kindergartener to get off the bus after the first day of school.

Nervous, a little concerned, and highly impatient, I waited for Chris at our planned meeting spot at the main train station in Rome.
Without any sort of way to communicate, I glanced around the station from my post in front of the Nike store and hoped everything would work out.

In the second that I saw him, every bit of nervousness and worry turned into relief. And I exploded in to excitement as it set in that he was really, truly here.

It may be one of the happiest of reunions there ever was.

That was on Tuesday morning, and we have already conquered a lot of Rome since.

My afternoon class coincided with Chris’s jet-lag later that day, and well rested we went out to dinner with some friends at a hole-in-the-wall that Anthony Bourdain reviewed! Safe to say, Chris enjoyed his first bite of authentic Italian pasta.

Wandering off after filling our bellies, we walked along the Tiber to St. Peter’s Basilica. I still haven’t gotten used to how beautifully lit it is at night – I hope I never do.

On Wednesday, we headed out after lunch to explore more of the city. We ended up seeing so much! From beautiful and bustling piazzas with live music to small, secluded cobblestone alleyways, Chris and I stumbled upon much more than just the main tourist attractions.

We left our Canons at home, which turned out to be a good thing considering it rained gatti e cani in to the evening. Unfortunately, I also left our umbrella at home.


Clothing saturated and stomachs grumbling, we sought out Da Francesco off of Piazza Navona. I had great recommendations to try it out, and now I’ll be giving them. We had margarita pizza, calcio e pepe, linguine bolognese, and a bottle of the house wine – all of which were delicious and freshly prepared. The atmosphere was cozy and romantic and two hours flew by.

And even though we were so full, I couldn’t resist stopping for gelato on the way home. Chris couldn’t leave for a week without having some first, right? Here’s a picture of him with his, which was coconut and banana:
20140227-192045.jpgChris is definitely loving his time abroad already – it’s a photographer’s paradise. But on a wider spectrum, it’s no secret that Rome is far from paradise. I’m thankful for both moments when his eyes light up with excitement, but also those when he is taking in a situation or part of the culture he doesn’t know how to feel about yet. I love it because it’s exactly how I find myself feeling about this place daily.

Today’s been a whirlwind of packing before we head off to Barcelona for the weekend. I couldn’t be any more excited! We both are really excited for the beaches, the nightlife, and the seafood.

Life is so good.

Ciao, for now.

One thought on “home comes to rome.

  1. now you in Paris..say your photos from Barcelona,,all we have here is more snow and cold..have fun. deb

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