via fasana.

side note: also, meant to be posted yesterday. Very unfortunately, we have wifi in our apartment about 20 minutes per night, hardly strong enough to iMessage. So until it is fixed, which we aren’t sure when that will be, expect late posts, no picture uploads, and no email/Facebook/reliable iMessaging. It’s taking an emotional toll on us all and we hope for a solution soon.

Hello from my new home!

We arrived at Fumincio airport around noon and gathered our bag before meeting our representative from ACCENT, Marguerite. Soon we were separated by apartments and sent with an Italian-speaking driver to our new address.

The 30-minute drive took us from the countryside into the heart of Rome. Initally, my heart sunk seeing streets filled with graffiti, garbage, and run down buildings. Sitting in the back of our oversized Mercedes van and weaving quickly through traffic, I had my first real, “what did I get myself in to?” moment. Rest assured, the closer we came to stopping, the nicer the scenery became.

The neighborhood we are living in is called Prati, and is located north of Vatican City. The buildings are pastel colors and scooters and smart cars line the wide streets, as well as narrow alleyways.

Our apartment is located on a cute, small street block located between two larger boulevards. The outside of the building  doesn’t look as appetizing as I would have hoped, but it led us to pleasant surprise when we walked in the front door.

Renovated somewhat recently, granite flooring and wood finishes embellish the entryway where there is always a friendly guard on duty. Beautiful. My heart sank again when we (separately) had to ride in an elevator the size of a refrigerator to the 4th floor. Let’s just say I’m never riding in it again, not even if I have to haul my giant suitcase four flights when I leave here.

The dark wooden double door entry to our apartment really is stunning. It leads in to a large mudroom, where to the left is a living room, and ahead is another foyer with halls to each of the 5 bedrooms.

Lots of doors, and lots of windows! My room (which I share) has large windows, gets light all day, and has a door to our terrace. It gets sun all day long, and is perfectly situated to look over some of the beautiful rooftops of in the NW district.

There is sunlight everywhere in this apartment! It really is beautiful and besides the ho-hum furniture, really is very comfortable to live in. We even have 3 bathrooms, including an en suite in my bedroom!

One major flaw: The wifi is complete garbage. But we are working on it!

Tomorrow we start early and have orientation + lunch, then a walking tour with our professors in the afternoon. I’m sure it will be a great time if only we can find our way there.

Ciao for now!


2 thoughts on “via fasana.

  1. Danica–thanks for the update. I just met a past teacher who now lives in Rome and is a great contact. I will get you her info..She would be fun to contact.

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