rome, if you want to.

4 days left.

The flight is booked, housing arrangements are set, and my bags are loosely packed. So the reality is setting in that in less than a weeks time, I will travel half way around the world to live abroad.

After returning from the holidays and a tour de Wisconsin over winter break, I have practiced my bit to family & friends as far as this awaiting adventure. For those of you who are slightly (or fully, it’s ok) out of the loop, let’s bring everyone up to speed. Here are some of the specs:

Destination: Rome, Italy

Length of Stay: mid-January to mid-May, approx. 4 months

Where I’ll Stay: NW Rome, about 20 minutes (walking) north of the Vatican

Where I’ll Study: ACCENT Rome, in the heart of the city

Am I taking “real classes” there: Yes, I’ll be studying communications as well as completing an internship

Who I Know: virtually no one, minus my childhood best friend Alleigh who is attending a nearby school

Knowledge of Italian Language: 0 to whatever help Spanish provides

You can expect posts often, once the ball gets rolling! Until then, the excitement continues to build…

Ciao, for now.


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